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Project Description
Remote Page Provider is used to integrate the content between two installations of EPiServer CMS. Pages appear as any local page even when they are managed by a separate installation.


To use Remote Provider module an EPiServer CMS enterprise license is required. This Service works on the EPiServer CMS 5 R2 and higher.

Usage scenarios

The Remote Provider is used to connect two EPiServer applications.
  • Independent Versioning
  • Redundant
  • Exchanging of intranet and internet content



More information on the architecture and how to setup this module is available in the following sections.


Contact a coordinator if you wish to contribute source code to this project, all help is very welcome. The easiest way to contribute is that you download the latest code, make your changes, and upload a patch under the Source Code tab or attached to an reported issue. You can also contribute by helping out in the forum and/or report any bugs you find in this project.

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