The RemoteProvider bases on WCF Service framework which contains client and server side. The RemoteProvider class acts as client and uses IRemoteprovider interface to communicate with the server. The RemoteProviderServer class acts as server and implement the IRemoteprovider interface. The Data which exchanges between client and server is RemotePageRaw which contains the Dictionary of property name and value, the list of languages and ACL (Access Control List) and, RemoteFileInfo and RemoteDirectoryInfo. The RemotePageData Module assumes the metadata exists on the both side client and server. A Client can be connected to one or more Server with different binding. The RemotProvider module uses EPiServer Event Manager to updating the Data factory cache handling.


Data and Operation Contract

The IRemoteProvider interface is an operation contract between the client and server. The InitializeData, RemotePageRaw and RemoteFile/Directory are Data Contracts which passed between Remote Page Provider server and client.


Communication Component

The RemoteProviderClient class works as communication component. The RemoteProviderClient take care error handling and try to reestablishing the communication in the case of failed on communication or predefined exception.


Remote Page Provider

Remote Virtual Path Provider

Error Handling

The RemoteProviderFault class sends from server to client in the exception case.


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