The Remote Provider Service‘s security is combine of the WCF and EPI Server Framework. In the channel or transport level uses the WCF framework. In the Application level the EPI framework is involved. On the Add element in the Remote Page Provider or Remote Virtual Path Provider section there are userName, password, proxyUserName and proxyPassword attributes which are used to authentication and authorization. The proxyUserName and proxyPassword attributes are used in channel level security in the case of certificate configuration. The username and password are used in the application level which the RemoteProvider Server handles it.

Customize Channel Factory

There is an event which fires before creation of the WCF channel factory. The ChannelfactoryCreating event can be used in the case if somebody will modify the configured channel factory or create new channel factory and use it as communication proxy.

Example code:
RemoteProviderClient. ChannelFactoryCreating += new EventHandler<ChannelFactoryEventArgs<IRemoteProvider>>(RemoteProviderClient.ChannelFactoryCreating)…

void RemoteProviderClient_ChannelFactoryCreating(object sender, ChannelFactoryEventArgs<IRemotePageProvider> e)
   //Add your code here if you will change or modify the e.ChannelFactory

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